About Us

Indian Expeller Works Pvt Ltd has been founded in the year 1968 by Shri Jankinath Arora as Partnership company in G.I.D.C. Naroda Industrial Estate, Ahmedabad and on expanding the Business converted Partnership Company to Private Limited in 1974, and Trademark as INDEXPELL.

The company has completed successfully 56 years of manufacturing activity at their plant situated at G.I.D.C. Naroda, Ahmedabad.

Now the company is managed by Mr Dinesh Arora Managing Director and Mr Nimit Arora Director of the company.

The Company was started with core vision in mind to always produce most advance and Quality machineries for the Rubber Industries.

Indexpell has long experience in Rubber Goods & Products manufacturing machineries for Rubber Mixing, Rubber Mastication, Rubber Moulding, Automobile Tube Extrusion Extruder,Automobile Tube Moulding Tube Press. In short Rubber Moulding Extrusion and Mixing Technology on these strength the company has been always been successful to make user friendly and ultra modern machinery for Rubber Industry.

Starting from small manufacturing unit today Indexpell has transformed into Giant Rubber Processing Machinery Supplier for more then 56 Years.

The wide range of Rubber Product manufacture clients are sending repeated orders for Indexpell Machinery, which proves that performance is accepted by one and all Quality Rubber Products & Tyre & Tube manufactures.

Indexpell has ultra moden and a state of art manufacturing plant, equipped with High Tech CNC Machine and Qualified Technical Team of Staff, which has made us on outstanding performance in the field of Rubber Processing Machinery Manufacturing Industry.