Rubber Mixing Mill With Stock Blender

High Productivity with Quality

  • Unique Carriage Transverse for improved compounding of rubber
  • Assistance to the operator in Mixing Compound with improved quality
  • Reduced batch compounding time, Reduced batch temperature
  • If features automatical-continues operation & labour saving, as he has not do any cutting or folding job on repetation within same time span in case the Mixing Mill is equipped with “INDEXPELL” STOCK BLENDER
  • Improved compound dispersion
  • Side Frames are made from steel plates with mounting platforms to be fitted on Mixing Mill top cap to make a strong structure. The “ INDEXPELL” BLENDER serves the excellent design features

Operation of Stock Blender of the Mill :

The STOCK BLENDER is installed on two roll open mill. The Blending on the mill is unique combination of stock blender rollers with transverse movement of the carriage for improved quality of compounding of material.

The compound is taken from the front roll of the mill, which can be either of the side as per operator’s convenience and is then put through the transverse carriage on to the blender roll nip. Strip width of roller can vary from 190 to 200 mm. To cut the strip the operator has to use the cutter installed on the mill.

The operator takes the strip and put it through the transverse to the roll of the blender. The balance compound transverse to the roll of the blender. The balance compound is continuously pulled by the first strip and the complete material starts passing through the nip. Now the transverse can be started so that the full width of the compound is accepted by the blender continuously from the front roll of the mill and then fed back in the mill nip.

The strip is then put in the opposite diagonal position thus achieving in efficient dispersion of any additives that might have to be mixed or added on the mill for improving the dispersion of any compound fed directly to the mill. One the blending is complete the transverse carriage can be stopped and material can be cut so as that no more material goes into the blender from the front roll