Rubber Bale Cutter

Product Information

INDEXPELL MAKE Rubber Bale Cutter machine are fully self contained strongly built, single knife hydraulically operated bale cutting machine for cutting bales of Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber. These machines are widely used for cutting rubber bales in different sizes.

The Machine consists of fabricated Mild Steel base fitted with roller at both end for easy movement of the bale into machine or Rack and Pinion with hand wheel and handle for easy movement of the bale into machine fixed to the base channel steel column which carry the fabricated top. Mounted centrally on the top is double acting cylinder. Attached to piston of cylinder is Mild Steel knife carriage. The Knife Blade of cutting steel material with hardened tip. The Knife is easily removable for resharping.  The blade movement is fully guided on both sides.

Salient Features Of Rubber Bale Cutter

  • Cyinder : Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Pisiton : Mild Steel Ground Hard Chrome Surface
  • Oil Seal : Cheveron Packing
  • Knife : Cutting Steel (Duly Hardened)
  • Hydraulic Power Pack :- Hydraulic Power Pack consists of low pressure pump (Vane Pump), High Pressure Pump (Plunger Pump) both pumps to run on single motor, Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Control Module, Oil Filter with Oil Filler, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Oil Tank (Without Oil)
  • Quality cutting
  • High precision & productivity
  • Reduced Labour Work
  • Cuts both natural and synthetic rubber bales
  • Rollers to move the bales on either side
  • Performance Oriented
  • User-Friendly operation that doesn’t require skilled operator.

Principal Specification

Model Roller bed size Blade size MM Cutting stroke MM Capacity (Tonnes) Powerpack HP
IEW-BL-01 610 mm X 685 mm 610 610 15 5
IEW-BL-02 1000 mm x 1000 mm 1000 750 25 7.5
We can also make special purpose bale cutter machines.